Extract Broadheads 150gn 6pk


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Extract Broadheads. Solid 1pc construction. 125 Grain.Doug Easton realized when he started his modest bow and arrow construction business in 1922, only perfect repeatability leads to a perfect score. That single-minded, relentless pursuit defined Easton to archers throughout the 20th century—and still does
today. Doug, his son Jim, and Jim’s son Greg, all have pursued that elusive yet essential principle. They did it by changing the game, developing new materials and new processes, creating new designs and constantly improving on them to reach the peak
of performance. Today, that’s still what defines Easton.

Included in the package:

Dr. Doug’s Full-Synthetic Arrow Lube

• Full-synthetic formula makes for easy arrow extraction

• Scent free, easy to apply

• Suitable for all types of arrows

• Most advanced arrow lube ever created

• Quiver-mount neoprene sleeve included

Arrow Puller Wedge

• Proprietary compound for maximum arrow grip

• Internal-molded sides for improved wet-weather pulling

• Ergonomic wedge shape for comfortable fit