Eastman Outdoors Jerky Cure & Seasoning – Sweet BBQ


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Jerky Seasoning – Sweet BBQ (Seasoning & Cure for 5 lbs.) 


  • Created by professional wild game chefs
  • Contains cure and seasoning packets for flavor and preservation
  • Makes 5-pounds of jerky
  • Use with wild game, meats or poultry
  • Easy-to-follow directions included

Take a Bite of Sweet BBQ

With enough cure and seasoning to make and preserve 5-pounds of jerky, this sweet BBQ jerky kit is a great way to add real flavor to your next batch. It works with venison and wild game, beef, poultry and more, so whether you’re butchering a lot or a little, you can get the most out of your meats.  Sweet, slightly smoky and with a light touch of tang, this favorite is the perfect compliment to your meats. Add it to your order, and bring your jerky to a whole new level of flavor.