Eastman Outdoors Jerky Cure & Seasoning – Hickory


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Jerky Seasoning – Hickory (Seasoning & Cure for 5 lbs.)


  • Contains both cure and jerky packets
  • Use with wild game, meats or poultry
  • Created by Professional Wild Game Chefs
  • Cures and flavors up to 5-pounds of jerky
  • Easy to follow instructions included

A Taste of Smoky Hickory

Perfect for everything from venison and beef to poultry and other wild game, this hickory jerky cure and seasoning is designed by wild game chefs to compliment the natural flavor of your meat. Packing enough to process 5-pounds of jerky, this kit delivers both cure and seasoning, ensuring you not only have the right flavor, but consistency and texture as well.  A great way to add some real flavor to your jerky, this chef-designed kit brings a taste of the outdoor gourmet home. Add it to your order, and get ready for a savory taste of smokey hickory.