C Sharp Ceramic Knife 6″


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The Amazing C Sharp is the latest in Ceramic Blade technology. Ceramic knives
are made out of an Extremely Hard and Tough ceramic known as zirconium
dioxide or Zirconia. If you think Steel is hard it only scores 4 on the score of
mineral hardness, even hardened steel only scores 6 with Ceramic Blades
scoring 8.5, a Massive 40% Harder! Only a few minerals like Diamond and
Tungsten Carbide are tougher.
Sick of using a blunt knife? Because the blade of The Amazing C Sharp is so
hard it will Stay Razor Sharp, like it has just come out of the factory, for a Very
Long Time. The blade is sharpened by grinding the edges with a diamond-
dust-coated grinding wheel giving it the perfect finish. You can sharpen you
CSharp knife using a good quality stone, diamond lap or diamond steel. You
can not use your old metal steel as the CSharp blade is harder than it, so
rather than sharpening the knife it will wear out the steel!
Ceramic blades also have other great advantages over steel blades.

They will Never Rust as they are non-ferrous.

They are More Sanitary as Zirconia has less pores for dirt and germs to
hide in making them easier to keep clean.

They are Lighter making them easier to work with.
CSharp knives are available in 3 blade lengths,  4”, 5” and 6” with the 6” in the
pattern of the beloved Japenese santoku knife. The blades have been designed
to have a greater thickness than traditional ceramic knives with the bottom of
the blade contained within the handle of the knife. Both of these significantly
reduce the chance of the knife shattering if it is accidently dropped on a hard
surface like cement or tile floors. The handles are available in three great
colours Red, Black and Blue and come with a matching sheath for safety.