Bear BR33 Camo RH


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FOR FAR TOO LONG theres been an assumption that a hybrid-cam bow puts speed over single-cam soul. Not so with the BR33, and this sweethearts gonna stoke your fire. 330 fps of dual-cam authority, but with a brace height of 7 inches gives you a level of forgiveness normally reserved for Sunday church. This blend of foresight and engineering creates the obscenely smooth feel, with an arrow velocity that borders on the wicked. Its like the silk draw cycle of a single-cam married the outright performance of a hybrid and the result came out an overachiever.That good.

Speed (IBO) – 330FPS
Weight – 4.2 LBS
Brace Height – 7″
Peak Draw – 45-60,55-70 lbs
Draw Range – 27″ – 32″
Let off – 80%