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Increase your chances of hunting success with the Grand Slam Kit from Dead Down Wind. This 7-piece set contains laundry, hygeine, and field products employing Dead Down Wind’s ESP® enzyme-driven odor control technology. Each product uses specific enzymes for its application-specific use to give you great odor control while hunting. Includes: 12 oz. ESP Triple Action Laundry Detergent, 22 g ESP Checkmate Wind Checker, 3.5 g ESP Bar Soap, 2 oz. ESP Odorless Hand Sanitizer, 12 oz. Evolve 3D ESP Field Spray, Evolve 3D ESP Pac-It Field Spray Refill, and a Fleece Skull Cap. Biodegradable and skin safe.
Manufacturer model #: 2075.

  • 7-piece scent control set
  • Laundry, hygeine, and field products with ESP enzyme-driven odor control technology
  • Set includes laundry detergent, wind checker, bar soap, hand sanitizer, field spray, field spray refills, and fleece skull cap
  • Biodegradable and skin safe

Dead Down Wind’s Enzyme Scent Prevention (ESP) technology uses different enzymes for application-specific requirements. e1 Laundry products target and prevent scent in clothing. e2 Personal Hygiene products use ESP 3D technology to help control body, residual, and contact odors and prevent them from reforming. e3 3D Evolve Field Application offers a broad-spectrum solution to knock out both human odors and contaminant odors called predator cues (gas, smoke, etc.).


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