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The Prime Logic | Benson Archery

Prime Logic

The Brand new Prime Logic is Primes first split limb bow and uses their brand new TRM cam system. The Logic incorporates stronger, shorter split limbs, and the wider TRM cam system. These extra wide cams eliminate any natural lean that may occur, continuing to promote easily consistent accuracy. The riser is constructed with 82x aluminum and the same Centergy technology which provides a very light and comfortable riser. With a extremely smooth draw and a solid limb stop back wall.

Prime Logic Benson Archery

• Centergy Technology raises the grip position that gets you locked on target and helps you stay there
• 82X aluminum riser is engineered with no movement and offers the most comfortable shot experience possible
• TRM Parallel Cam System is what makes the Center Balanced Targeting System possible, offering a super smooth draw and both limb stops and cable stops
• Flexis-AR roller guard is designed to flex during the draw cycle, reducing cam lean and aiding in tuning
• The SWERVE, a strategically designed curve that practically eliminates lateral movement during the shot cycle
• Lifetime warranty
• Lifetime replacement of Strings/Cables: An industry first, Prime owners are eligible for a free set of Strings/Cables every 2 years (from the date of registration) for the life of the bow to the original owner.

Speed 330fps

Brace Height 7”

Axle to Axle 31”

Draw length 24.5” – 30”

Mass weight 4.3 lbs.

Poundage Max 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80lbs

Camo Options

  •  Open Country Optifade
  •  Elevated 2 Optifade
  •  Subalpine Optifade
  •  First Lite Fusion
  •  First Lite Cipher
  •  RealTree

Solid Color Options

  • Matte Black
  • Recon Gray
  • Tactical Tan
  • Ghost Green

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