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Prime Centergy X1 | Benson Archery

Prime Centergy X1

The all-new Prime Centergy X1 features a center balanced targeting system and smart riser technology that delivers a super easy to tune and amazingly accurate competition bow. The Centergy X1 gets you on target fast with less pin movement. Also featured on the X1 is the all new X Grip, an offset grip designed to remove added torque created by the shooter and stabilizer weights. The  Prime Centergy X1 comes in two sizes a 36″ and a 39″ Axle to Axle.

ATA: 36”/39″

Draw Length: 24.5”-30”(36″) / 25.5″-31″ (39″)Prime Centergy X1

Brace Height: 6.9” (36″) / 7.2″ (39″)

Mass Weight: 4.2 lbs (36″) / 4.3 (39″)

Draw weight: 40, 50, 60, 70 Lbs

IBO Speed: 315fps

Available in:

  • Malbec Satin
  • Teal Satin
  • Magenta Satin
  • Emerald Satin
  • Blood Red
  • Electro Blue
  • Electro Orange
  • Electro Teal
  • Black
  • Ghost Green
  • Recon Grey
  • Tactical Tan

Prime’s unique parallel cam system help prevent cam lean by splitting the bow string and balancing on two separate cam tracks. This results in smoother drawing and less bow maintenance over time, and gives you an upper hand in the bow stand.

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